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What to Expect

We want to help by

Eliminating the stress of figuring out what to make for dinner
Offering a plan to have more time to enjoy one another
Reducing the number of trips to the grocery store

Dinners Done Right benefits you by

Saving time
Providing economical meal plans
Offering a variety of fresh and healthy food choices

Our job is to

Assemble your meals ready for you to pick up the day you request
Offer a different entree menu every month, keeping dinner time exciting

Your job is to

Relax and have fun!
Leave with delicious, homemade meals to pop-in the freezer at home
Enjoy quality dinner times with your family and friends with minimal effort!

All choices are yours

Options for small, medium and large families
Side dishes and desserts available to complete your meal package
If you need an ingredient left out just let us know and we will do that for you


Register online, by phone, in-store or email and order online.

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Professional staff will custom assemble your meals to order.


We provide personalized labels for your meals with easy to follow instructions.

Pick up

Pay and pick up your order in-store. Meals can easily fit into 1-2 shopping bags.


Grab your meal from the freezer. Thaw, cook, and enjoy!

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Is Dinners Done Right for you?

Do you...

Have little time in your busy schedule to shop, chop, and prepare meals?

Spend too much money on processed food or eat too often at fast food restaurants?

Consume too many calories with little nutritional value?

Are you...

A working professional?

A parent to school-age children?

Newly single, retired, or an empty-nester couple?

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